Libertas est potestas faciendi quod iure licet.
Freedom is the power of doing what the law, although
Law services and competencies
Commercial Law
In the area of commercial law we offer the following legal services:   Advice in choosing the appropriate legal form for the business of the traders; Establishment and registration of companies and sole traders; Establishment of holding companies and consortiums; Registration of representative offices of Bulgarian and foreign companies and trade organisations; Consulting of local and foreign companies in connection with the operation and management; Registration of subsequent changes in commercial companies and sole traders; Conversion o
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Property Law
We offer legal services related to all types of real estate in Bulgaria:   Consulting and legal advice on transactions related to the acquisition and disposition of real estate and movable property; Study on property-legal status of real estate; Preliminary contracts and deeds for real estate, construction, mortgages, etc.; Preparation of all documents necessary for the transaction and assistance in negotiations; Establishment of limited property rights; Advising and drafting contracts for rental property; Construction Contracts;
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Contract Law
In the area of contract law we offer the following legal services:   Consulting on contracting in civil, commercial and contract law; Complete legal services for the preparation of various contracts and representation in their conclusion; Development of contract templates for commercial activities of companies in all sectors of economy; Cancellation and termination of contracts – in court and out -of -court; Establishment and registration of securities and guarantees of contracts - mortgages, pledges, etc.; Assistance in out- of -court
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Insurance Law
In the area of insurance law we offer the following legal services:   Legal advice on the establishment and licensing of insurance companies; Consultation on property and personal insurance; Representation of insurers to the Financial Supervision Commission and other state institutions.
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Labor Law
In the area of labor law we offer the following legal services:   Consulting on employment issues for companies and citizens; Conclusion, amendment and termination of labor and civil contracts; Consulting employers in conducting procedures for imposing disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, payment of benefits; Consulting and protection of workers / employees in connection with labor disputes, claims against unfair dismissal, reinstatement, payment of due compensation, leave, unpaid wages, etc.; Compensation following an accident; Litigation bef
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Family and Succession Law
  Consulting and protection in solving of family law matters, drafting of agreements and settlement of inheritance relations and representation in court; Divorce by mutual consent; Marriage contracts; Preparation, declaring, discovery and contestation of wills; Partition of an inherited estate - judicial and extrajudicial.
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Administrative Law
In the area of administrative law we offer the following legal services:   Complete administrative and legal services for Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and citizens; Appeals against administrative acts of state, municipal and tax administration; Criminal Appeals of decisions issued by different authorities; Consulting and legal assistance of foreign nationals in connection with the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship, residence and legalization of the status of foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria; Consultations and preparation of document
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Tax Law
In the area of tax law we provide the following legal services:   Consultancy in tax law; Representation before tax authorities; Providing legal services relating taxation and protection of tax audit reports; Litigation and legal protection in tax cases.
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Civil Law
In the area of civil law we offer the following legal services:   Legal assistance in civil matters; Preparation of preliminary contracts, deeds, powers of attorneies, certificates, notary invitations and assistance before a notary; Consultations on the conclusion of various types of transactions and drafting contracts; Subscribed legal services of corporate clients and individuals; Security procedures and orders; Litigation protection and enforcement proceedings; Legal assistance in recovery and mediation at the conclusion of court sett
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