Libertas est potestas faciendi quod iure licet.
Freedom is the power of doing what the law, although
Commercial Law
In the area of commercial law we offer the following legal services:
  • Advice in choosing the appropriate legal form for the business of the traders;
  • Establishment and registration of companies and sole traders;
  • Establishment of holding companies and consortiums;
  • Registration of representative offices of Bulgarian and foreign companies and trade organisations;
  • Consulting of local and foreign companies in connection with the operation and management;
  • Registration of subsequent changes in commercial companies and sole traders;
  • Conversion of commercial companies - merger, acquisition, separation and division;
  • Legal analysis of enterprise;
  • Transactions with commercial enterprises - acquisition, conversion, rental and sale of businesses;
  • Transfer of shares and businesses;
  • Changes in capital and structure, changes in the types of shares, contributions capital;
  • Preparation of management contracts and contracts with commercial agents (procurators, ordinary agents and commercial intermediaries);
  • Providing of legal advice on commercial transactions;
  • Development of contract templates for commercial activities of companies in all sectors of the economy;
  • Preparation and assistance for the conclusion of all business transactions - real estate, securities, leasing transactions, contracts for transportation, construction, sales, supply, commission and distribution agreements, brokerage agreements, franchising, credit, etc.
  • Liquidation of companies;
  • Participating in negotiations;
  • Litigation and legal protection in commercial litigation before all courts, special courts and arbitration.


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